Club Manager 

"One of the better-sounding bands in the area, in my opinion.  It was as if there were 8 musicians on the stage, but there are only four members.  Very friendly and easy to work with on scheduling."  

Jackie F  

What a fantastic group of musicians.  Was looking for a permanent band for our large private party each year and I must say, "You guys exceeded  our expectations.  Consider your band booked every year.  Thanks again for such a great time." 

Bar/Restaurant Owner  

"Never have I heard a 4 piece band sound so great and full.   I was chair-dancing on my barstool.  All I can say is "I want that all the time in my venue."  

Beth E. 

​​​​​"Just wanted to say thank you. You were amazing! Lots and lots of compliments! The kids loved the songs you played for them.  Thank you so much for making our day extra special and we look forward to having you back every year." 

Lori H.

"Luke and I enjoyed you guys very much. Can’t wait to see you again."    


"The duo is great and when I get a chance, I love to be able to toss some band business and exposure to someone who has been great to work with."